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Dutch Chef Teams Up With Byflow to Launch 3D Printed Food Restaurant in Wolvega

Industry Information | 2018-04-11 275

There’s a new restaurant joining the growing trend for additive manufacturing in restaurant and food services. This time around, the restaurant is a partnership between Byflow and chef Jan Smink due to open in the town of Wolvega. The venue will be the Netherlands’ first full-time 3D printed food restaurant.

Smink has previously worked for De Librije, a triple Michelin star winning restaurant. He has been collaborating with 3D printing company Byflow for a while now. He sees this as an opportunity to provide, not just a better customer experience, but also to improve byflow’s tech. After quite some time creating new recipes and aiding in R&D, he is ready to set up shop with a new restaurant.

Jan Smink

The new building is, as of yet, not ready and even the name is not set in stone. The name and website will be revealed in May, at which point on guests will be lining up. The eventual premises used to be the site of a branch of the Dutch bank ING. Smink is hoping that it will provide a unique dining experience that takes advantage of 3D printing technology.

The Focus 3D printer will be a main attraction of the restaurant. Byflow tout it as a simple, easy to use machine that with upgradeable printheads and software. The printer is available for order on their website at a price of 3,300 Euros (roughly $4,055).

The printer uses a syringe system as a delivery mechanism for the ingredients. This syringe goes in just above the printhead, where it deposits the food in any pattern the user deems suitable. Byflow also provides their own list of custom ingredients.

Chef Jan Smink has stated: “By using the Focus 3D Printer I’m able to make forms and shapes that would otherwise not be possible. I can surprise my guests with a unique experience that is very tasty as well. 3D Printing is the future!”

Image by ByFlow, example of the ByFlow 3D printer capabilities.