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China Federation of Industrial Economics ally with Kangshuo Group to initiate the establishment of China Smart Manufacturing Industry Alliance

Group Dynamic | 2018-03-27 491

  In order to promote the industrial construction, implement the innovative national and the "Made in China 2025" strategic plan, and actively explore new forms of intelligence construction with effective industrial synergy, the China Federation of Industrial Economics ally with Kang Shuo Electric Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Kang Shuo below). The Group has established the China Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance, which is a subordinate unit of the China Federation of Industrial Economics, cooperating with public industrial groups, listed companies, financial institutions, and industrial base projects.

  The China Smart Manufacturing Industry Alliance currently has more than one hundred parties to be joined in. In the future, while continuously expanding the number of members of the alliance, it will optimize the structure and collect relevant superior resources to promote the technological advancement, strategic transformation, and improvement of management capabilities of the members. It will promote upstream and downstream support among alliance members, supply chain optimization and business model innovation. It also will organize alliance members to establish relationship with local governments and industrial campus to form the comprehensive advantages of project clusters, enterprise clusters, and industrial clusters. The organization will help the members to carry out international connection and cooperation in relevant industrial fields, so that all alliance members can seek common development and make advanced progress.

  The Kangshuo Group has solid technical support and a strong talent team. It is committed to becoming an aircraft carrier of the smart manufacturing industry. It has now successfully built an "Intelligent Chain" platform. The intelligent manufacturing chain is a new production method that deeply integrates block chain technology and intelligent manufacturing technology. It uses block chain as the underlying technology and uses information as the guide to directly drive the C2C, B2C, and B2B electronic transaction cloud services of manufacturing terminals with demand data. The eco-platform is a global open ecosystem that integrates security, convenience, and intelligence together with optimized allocation of resources and energy, and maximizes product quality. It aims to establish a bridge of security, mutual trust, and high efficiency among the participating entities of the global smart manufacturing ecosystem, providing low-cost, high-yield, and private communication methods for each participant of the intelligent manufacturing system to maximize productivity and leadership. 

    Achievement of the vision I:

    Building a chain of wisdom infrastructure consisting of identity authentication, data sharing, asset transfer, manufacturing nodes and other intelligent manufacturing entities;

    Vision II:

    Join industry upstream and downstream related companies, institutions, researchers, together for innovation, practice and developing intelligence Chain standard specification.

    Vision III:

    Based on block chain integrates new technologies such as 3D printing, Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence to build an intelligent manufacturing ecosystem with security, efficiency, and intelligence.

    At present, China Smart Manufacturing Industry Alliance founders in addition to the Kangshuo Group, also includes: Machinery Research Institute Machine Branch shares, Datang Telecom and Datang Fusion, China Soldiers Group, Lenovo Group, Neusoft Group, HIT Industrial groups such as Robot Group; Eston (0 0 2 7 4 7 .SZ), Topstar (300607.SZ), Qinchuan Machine Tool (200808.SZ), Shanghai Mechatronics (6 0 0 8 3 5 . SH) and other listed companies; Languang Innovation, Yuangong International, Kunming Robots and other new three board companies; China's new fund, Softbank China and other investment companies; China's happiness basestone, Mentougou Zhongguancun Park and other industrial parks CITIC, Haitong Securities, Beijing Capital Institute and other brokerage firms; Bank of Beijing, Bank of Jiangsu, and other banking institutions; Media has "Technology Times", "Today's Headlines", etc.; and rapid manufacturing of national engineering center, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology QR code registration certification The center, Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise associations and other organizations.

    The China Smart Manufacturing Industry Alliance will bulid an industrial cluster and a community of common interests, realize a small core driving platform, gather talents, companies and other parties, optimize the allocation of social resources, and create a collaborative industry collaboration environment!