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IM Chain published in 2018 TOKENSKY Block Chain Conference Seoul Session

Group Dynamic | 2018-03-14 209

14th March, the 2018 TOKENSKY Block chain conference Seoul Session is grand opening. As the most professional Token economic and Block chain industry conference, world top economists, scholars, financiers, investors, geeks, industry leaders, Block chain related enterprises, exchanges, service providers, media, and TOKEN fans has  been invited in Seoul,to focus on the issues, opportunities and challenges facing with Block chain field. Ms. Bernice Fan, CEO of IM Chain, also attended the conference and gave a keynote presentation.

IM Chain (Intelligent Manufacturing Chain) is a new production mode, which integrates block chain technique and intelligent manufacturing technique in depth. It is a C2C, B2C, B2B electronic trading cloud service ecological platform, which directly drives manufacturing terminals with demand data. To optimize the allocation of resources, maximize the product quality, IM Chain committed to create a personalized super factory for everyone.

During the conference, as the co-founder of IM Chain, Ms. Fan Shared the concept and foreground of integrated block chain and intelligent manufacturing technology, and also the subversive impact to the traditional manufacturing industry from the ecosystem of the IM Chain. She represents that intelligent manufacturing is a sort of productivity, and the Block chain represents a sort of production relations, while the IM Chain use the de-centering method making every node to seek consensus, reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the production relations. Using this way, IM Chain could provide the maximized productivity and to reach the most perfect balance of supply and demand, also bring great benefits to each of the users and manufacturers all over the world.

Subsequently, Ms. Fan gave a detailed introduction based on the application scenarios to the operation mode through the whole ecosystem in various fields and the improvement of traditional manufacturing industry. She said that IM Chain will closely integrate with the application scenarios to develop block chain technology, effectively integrate intelligent manufacturing with block chain technology, building a personalized super factory belongs to everyone, create a new pattern of industrial 4.0. 

      This is the first public appearance of the IM chain project on the 2018 TOKENSKY Block chain conference Seoul Session, which has been highly focused by experts, scholars, block chain and manufacturing enterprise and major media in the world. In the near future, the new ecology integrated with block chain and intelligent manufacturing will bring creative change to the world information technology and industrial development..