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IM Chain team accepted an exclusive interview with ONETV

Group Dynamic | 2018-03-09 515

The press conference of Summit forum of Block Chain in southeast Asia held in Hong Kong on 8th March, 2018. Ms. Bernice Fan, CEO of IM Chain, was invited to participate. Meanwhile, Mr. Di Deng, Chairman of Beijing Taiyiyun technology, Mr. Xiahu Chu, CEO of Yuanjie, Mr. Bo Zhu, Co-Founder of Dreamer fund, Ms. Lin Xu, CEO of Zhenxiang technology, attend the conference. After the conference, Ms. Bernice Fan accepted the exclusive interview with ONETV, elaborate the current problems and solutions of intelligent manufacturing industry from the perspective of the intelligent manufacturing practitioners.

Ms. Bernice Fan said that, at present, there are widespread pain points in the manufacturing industry, such as unshared resources, unsymmetrical information, unresponsiveness, high transaction costs, weak core technologies, which severely constrain the development of the manufacturing industry. With the continuous progress and development of the times, the customer requirement tends to be diversified and individualized. Take 3D printing as an example, customer requirement translate into data requirements firstly, thus, brings about many data assets. However, data assets are difficult to reuse, affirmation and protection. In addition, intelligent manufacturing equipment capacity are relatively scattered, and collaborative development is relatively poor, which impeded the development of the intelligent manufacturing industry.

Facing with the plight of manufacturing industry, Ms. Fan proposed that through the deep integration of intelligent manufacturing and block chain technology, to complete manufacturing production relations, achieve the on-time, secure, low cast matching of supply and demand sides, to allow consumers enjoying huge dividends released by high-tech progress. The target of IM Chain is to create a personalized super factory.

Talking about the questions of how to achieve the viewpoints above, Ms. Fan said that, application is the first significant point when a new technique appears. IM Chain will closely integrated with the application scenario, deeply integrated the intelligent manufacturing represented productivity and block chain represented production relations, to create a healthy and orderly ecology which solving the problems between supply and demand process.

At last, Ms. Fan cited jewelry customization as a specific application scenario, base on the characteristics of block chain such as intelligent contract, data asset, traceable identification, describe how the IM Chain running the system process based on the intelligent contract from requirement release, designer matching, production, intelligent logistics to the end user delivery.