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Research Institute of Fudan University in Ningbo

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Research Institute of Fudan University in Ningbo is the only institution in Zhejiang province established by Fudan University in Zhejiang province. It was jointly established by Fudan University and Ningbo municipal government on January 22, 2013. Kangshuo Electric Group Co., Ltd and Ningbo Institute of Fudan University signed the strategic cooperation agreement on December 25, 2017. Both parties cooperate in the R&D and application of 3D printing technology in medical industry in-depth, giving full play to their advantages and sharing the resources of both parties, in order to joint preparation and establishment university-enterprise united Digital Medical 3D Printing Center with independent intellectual property rights and market competition of the 3D printing technology and medical applications as the goal, to form a team collaborative cooperation of production, study and innovation, at Fudan Hangzhou Kechuang Garden. To build National Medical Laboratory and operate through market-oriented model, forge a national its technical service platform strives for three years in Dubai and the UAE ministry of health.