Company Profile

KANGSHUO Electric Group Co., Ltd. ("KANGSHUO GROUP") was established in 2010, the total registered capital is three hundred million yuan RMB. We have had high precision 3D printer intelligent manufacturing base and 3D printing intelligent manufacturing base covering the whole country service network during several years worked for additive manufacturing. As a national high-tech enterprise, KANGSHUO GROUP is committed to promoting the development of 3D industrial chain. Now it has become a leader in 3D printing industry which integrating R & D, production, service and sales. KANGSHUO GROUP KANGSHUO GROUPfocuses on total solutions of 3D industry chain and the development of material and application, application and technology as the guide, the equipment and materials as the core, to provide professional 3D printing system solutions for customers create an intelligent industrial group based on four integrated plate which are 3D industrial cloud service platform, 3D digital bio-medical platform,  3D cultural and creative platform, intelligent industrial city.

R & D center is a professional team that has many professors, doctoral advisors and masters,  more than 40% masters, and continually training top R&D talents in additive manufacturing. After several years of technical research, a number of industry leading 3D printing technology patents, nearly 100 proprietary technology and more than 30 related software copyright have been obtained. At the same time, the group is committed to creating an efficient research and development cooperation model of "production, learning and research". At present, KANGSHUO GROUP has been signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop 3D printing materials and application with Chinese and Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou Institute of electronic technology, Beijing University of Technology 3D printing engineering technology research center, Fudan University, Ningbo Research Institute and Southern Medical University respectively.

Based on the understanding of the application industry technology,through independent research and integrated with hardware, software, industry data, KANGSHUO GROUP has formed a 3D printing system solutions applied to industrial manufacturing, Bio Medical, cultural and creative fields. It is effectively and seamlessly connects the additive manufacturing technology and traditional manufacturing technology, realizes the perfect combination of technology and application, and truly achieved the industrialization application of 3D printing technology. Meanwhile, KANGSHUO GROUP pioneered the construction of large-scale distributed intelligent manufacturing base in China, providing multi material3D printing cloud services in order to meet the upstream and downstream technology needs.

At present, KANGSHUO GROUP has won the national high-tech enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun, the gazelle enterprise title, and has AAA grade credit, ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14000 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18000 occupation health and safety management system certification, Zhongguancun Credit Association member, Zhongguancun enterprise credit association Double Hundreds Projects - hundreds of the most potential credit enterprises in Beijing City, new technology and new products (services) and other qualifications. KANGSHUO GROUP 3D printing intelligent manufacturing project is Beijing high tech Industrial Innovation Project in 2017. Key technology innovation center of Beijing in 2017, Beijing high-end manufacturing (3D printing) Project Key Laboratory. At the operational level, KANGSHUO Group act as several members including the Chinese additive manufacturing industry alliance, Beijing Forging Industry Association executive director units, Chinese jewelry industry association, China intelligent manufacturing solutions supplier alliance, Beijing mould industry association and other social organizations, the executive director of the unit, the governing unit.